Notes: Watching the Soul at Play


Soul Images

 I've often wondered what the soul might look like, not as a religious avatar, but simply as a bit of life force unavailable to our human eyes, existing in a cosmos outside the normal realm of space and time. After several years of sketching, I developed these flexible organic shapes as my visual concept of the soul. 

Based loosely on a range of organic elements found in nature, these soul-shapes traverse the universe outside the space/time grid. They play. They fly. They converse and rest.  They glide over the space-time continuum.  I find painting these images inspiring. I hope you enjoy watching these souls at play as Encaustic Monotypes on Washi Paper.

What is an Encaustic Monotype?

Encaustic Monotypes differ from traditional Monoprints. Encaustic Monotypes are hot wax encaustic images painted onto a heated metal plate and then transferred onto paper. There is only one print – no engraved plate is made, so these prints are always one of a kind: never repeated. 

Monoprints are single prints from engraved plates and could be repeated.

My monotypes are on Japanese Washi paper. I create an image with beeswax, damar (tree resin) and pigment on a heated plate. Each print may have multiple layers – created by painting multiple unique images and printing/overprinting on the paper until the desired image is achieved.