Notes: Wandering on a Wednesday


A Monotype Journal

I like the little journeys I take in the middle of the week. There seems to be more space and time to think in between Tuesday and Thursday. I notice more details and the space between hours seems longer and more relaxing. Sometimes new ideas present themselves in the middle of a lazy ripple on a pond. I always expect to see fireflies on Wednesday. These monotypes are bits of thoughts collected onto Washi Paper using hot beeswax, powdered pigment and tree resin. They are scraps from a nice wander around my area. Not too deep; not too lengthy; just moments captured and shared in these organic bits of paper mounted on wood.

Encaustic Monotypes

Encaustic Monotypes differ from traditional Monoprints. Encaustic Monotypes are hot wax encaustic images painted onto a heated metal plate and then transferred onto paper. There is only one print – no engraved plate is made, so these prints are always one of a kind: never repeated. 

Monoprints are single prints from engraved plates and could be repeated.

My monotypes are on Japanese Washi paper. I create an image with beeswax, damar (tree resin) and pigment on a heated plate. Each print may have multiple layers – created by painting multiple unique images and printing/overprinting on the paper until the desired image is achieved.