Notes on The Horizons Exhibition 2018

Horizon  is defined as the apparent line that separates earth from sky, dividing all visible directions into those that intersect the Earth’s surface and those that do not. In this encaustic exhibition, I explore two types of horizons.


Land and sea horizons have been critical to survival during exploration of our planet. In this body of work, I explore natural horizons as metaphors to life: obscure horizons, clear horizons and complex visual puzzles posed by sea horizons.

Deep Space:

Inspired by deep space photographs of events many millions of light years away, these paintings explore the horizons of a non-linear universe. In many ways, these are time horizons rather than space delineations. The lack of a linear orientation creates a unique horizon defined by the either the time in which the horizon event originated or the time in which it is viewed (many million light years later).