Wo Schiffman


Mixed Media 


Original Art on Paper, Wood and Canvas

Artist Statement

Art sustains me.

Texture, color, light and line provide the language in which I can express my life experiences. I journey through a piece along with the materials and process. The process of painting with warm beeswax and rich pigments propels me along a path of sensory discovery. The journey is the reward and the finished piece is the visual memory of that journey.

I do not believe it is the name of the school or the fame of the mentor that makes an artist. But rather, the lifelong commitment to artistic expression and to  discovering those materials that allow each of us as artists to journey along our own path in joy.

Wo Schiffman, 2018

Painting #1:

Indigo Landscape, Encaustic on Board, Wo Schiffman, 2017

Painting #2 

Star Birth, Mixed Media on board, Wo Schiffman, 2017