"Wo Schiffman's ethereal paintings are painted in encaustics -- oil pigments embedded in hot beeswax and damar resin. Her paintings, inspired by dreams, landscapes, the ocean and the desert are fluid, rich and full of color"   

- Debbie Kane, Art New England Magazine (Contemporary Art and Culture) May/June 2018

Artist Statement

Art sustains me.

 My paintings focus on the intersection of nature and humanity. Using encaustic paint and ink I express my life experiences through layers of color, light and texture.

Working with encaustic materials is a rich, sensuous journey infused with the scent of hot beeswax and the intensity of hand ground pigments and inks. My finished pieces are a visual memory of that journey.

Wo Schiffman


email: wo@waterstoneart.com

phone:  603.770.6982


20 Portsmouth Ave #126

Stratham, NH 03885